Alien Face And Living Creature Found On Mars, Dec 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: December 11, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/157774

While looking for anomalies in Mars photos I found two extraordinary things. First was a face that resembles that of a lion. Second was a living creature that resembles a slug or worm, but may be a plant. 
The living creature does resemble a sea slug as you see in the photos above. The object has not dust or dirt on it, but its in a location where everything around it is covered in dust and dirt. That means this object moves. If it moves, it has to be alive. If its alive, then its a plant or animal, but I have heard about yellow rocks that are living and produce rare fluids used for medical purposes (William Rutledge of Apollo covert mission). 
 Did you notice there is no dirt or dust on this flat object? Its because it moves.


  1. Hard to say if that part of the "statue" is nothing more than an oddly shaped boulder, or indeed a part of what was once a statue, but it does have a... convincing effect. At first glance, it looks sort of reptilian to me for some reason. Outlining it in green, and giving it red eyes probably doesn't help matters. Either way, it is yet anomaly that I'd love to see up close.

    I'm not so convinced with your life form though. It doesn't look particularly organic or alive to me. More like piece of plastic scrap. Again, this is why I would like a more clear view of this object. Thanks for making things murky for me NASA. Again.

    And then there are those yellow living "rocks" that have been spoken of. I would love to see a photo of one of those. I'd settle for a sketch even.
    I have to wonder if they are some sort of exotic alien silicon-based life form that evolved on some exotic world (yeah, I'm thinking like the Horta, but harmless, and if you aren't familiar with that, well, watch Star Trek). Either that, or the "rock" is nothing more than a shell.
    And what sort of medical properties? Like as in like something simple, such as aloe lotion, or something more sophisticated, like helping to prevent infection or heal faster? If we're talking about something more sophisticated, I have to wonder if it is some form of biologically engineered creature that, I don't know, dispenses band aids. Given that the rest of the technology described on the ship appears not to be mechanical in nature, I wouldn't be surprised if these yellow "rocks" are some sort of living medical tricorders or hyposprays!

    Why not? It seems that the world is already way more weird and fantastic that we initially thought!

    1. The yellow rocks were from a conversation I had with William Rutledge of apollo 20 mission. I chatted with him on Youtube many years before fakes started coming out. He is legit, but he didn't have any photos of the rocks. However something interesting was as they explored a ship in Deporte Crater, the interior hallways had glass like tubes all along them, inside were tiny skeletons of a tiny alien species that worked with the larger alien crew. Click photo on left side of this site to see it.

    2. The glass-like tubes also sound pretty interesting. I wish that is something I could see. If I could, maybe it would help me determine if they are specimen tubes, or something more functional like I suspect: some sort of life preservation pods (which all failed over the millions of years).

      Of course, I suppose I might suspect the bodies to become mummified, and less like just pure skeletons. Did he mention the condition that the bodies were in? If they were just pure skeletons, I have to wonder if these tubes were just specimen pods, or some sort of weird way for the crew to intern their dead, and were going to permanently bury their crew mates once they reached home for shore leave. Kind of brings to mind the Egyptian practice of removing the organs to prevent rotting, and preserve the body, doesn't it?

      I've already looked at both topics on the Apollo 20 mission. Very fascinating stuff. I must once again voice my desire to be able to see more images of that eerie, but wonderful looking abandoned city. I might very well've studied to become an archeologist if this stuff wasn't classified above top secret, just so I could study stuff like this.


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