Obama advisers biggest regret, "not releasing UFO files", Feb 2015, UFO Sighting News.

News Source: http://www.cnet.com/news/obama-adviser-truth-still-out-there-about-ufos/#ftag=YHF65cbda0

This really shows the depth of the UFO/alien secret in the US. There are some very serious and very influential trade agreements made with alien cultures...enough to ignore the publics desire to know the truth. No longer is America a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Big Brother is in control. SCW 

News states:
Technically Incorrect: John Podesta, a senior White House adviser who's leaving to, reportedly, head up a Hilliary Clinton bid for the presidency, says his biggest regret on departing is not securing the release of "the UFO files."

The notion of any government telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is quaint in its optimism.

However, those who believe that there are alien beings who have visited our Earth and even partaken of our Burger King believe that the truth is (somewhere) out there.

Clearly, it might cause panic in streets and palpitations in hearts if the US president suddenly stood up and announced that half the Senate was from the Planet Plim. For myself, it would cause no surprise at all, other than to wonder whether everyone on that planet lived alone, married themselves and self-cannibalized late in life.

Still, outgoing White House senior adviser John Podesta is sad that the government hasn't told us what it really knows about UFOs. He took to the most extraterrestrial medium he could find -- 

It's reassuring, in one sense, that there is some truth that hasn't been revealed. Otherwise, all the comic book artists, movie makers and conspiracy theorists would have been unnecessarily winding us into a tizzy for decades. (More at source)


  1. bla bla bla, words words and words like always and nothing, funny thing is with the media they make people believe and do thigns why not use the media so people accept live from outer space, i am SOOOOO tired of the load of
    BULLS$%^& they always have to say when they say they regret it they lie when they say they do not wish to lie anymore and tell the true they still lie when they stop to lie? when they get caught with a lie and they get pointed on it what do they say.......NO COMMENT even that is a lie.... again bla bla bla

  2. oh by the way read between the lines of course 'selected' UFO files 'if' they release something (selected = useless files that nobody give a damn about)

  3. Alien Technology, Origin and Destiny issues are classified above top secret. Obama is not part of the working group and by design knows very little. That doesn't stop his ego and distorted sense of power; Podesta is a work shed tool.

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  5. As far as im concerned Chuck your spk'in to the choir...

    Yes indeed the major global Economic, Political, Military & Religious pwr brokers aKa " Global Robber Barons" imo would indeed freak out if there control mechanisms are threatened even to the point of mass genocide now ANYWHERE on this planet & for countless decades have proven this...

    There's no dought in my mind crew mate Charlie they'd do this, & this is why we the gen mass population on earth are being prohibited to as a example utilizing "Universal Free Energy" tech for personal usage, consciousness evolution, better personal health ect is becuase of the GRB's control freakyness...


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