Raeliens Want To Build Alien Embassy To Meet And Greet, March 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of announcement: March 2015
Location of announcement: Peru

Building an Embassy for aliens is a nice gesture to be their friends, but if its run by the religious group Raeliens, then I might have second thoughts about it. Sure, make love not war...its a great idea. Imagine the look on an alien greys face when the Raeliens come out to greet him for the first time. Since greys use telepathy, he reads the mind of the Raels and sees nothing but them picturing him in sexual positions. Run grey run! 

The Raeliens do seem to grasp that aliens exist and that they will reveal themselves very soon. That is good. However, viewing aliens as religious gods or angels...I don't get it. They are just flesh and blood like us, just with technology that makes them immortal. SCW

Rael news states: 
Now is the time for the return of our creators, the Elohim, who were originally mistaken for gods. Their return, announced more than 35 years ago by their messenger, Rael, is also foretold worldwide in all religious scriptures and native cultural legends. The Elohim will return officially by 2035 at the latest. But we must meet two requirements before then:

- We must show that we really want to welcome them.
- We must eliminate aggression toward each other and toward the environment.
Earth's future depends on whether we meet these requirements.