Alien Cities And Ships Found On Dark Side Of Moon In Apollo 11 Photo, July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 2015
Location of discovery: Earths Moon

This white structure above was found recently on the moon in an old Apollo 11 photo. Streetcap1 of Youtube found it and I have to admit its pretty damn good. The white tower also has a black sphere in its top. It looks like a hole, but it is a solid black sphere. 

I looked deeper into the photo and had trouble not finding things. Yeah, you heard me right. There was just to much in this photo to easily dismiss as natural. 

 Can you see the square shaped building in the screenshots above and below? This looks similar to the base seen in the NASA publicity photo taken by the newspaper (Click here to view old post).

 The city in the screenshot below is harder to make out, but if you allow you eyes to adjust to the black and white, you will soon easily see it. 
 This unusual tower stands out among the flat grey surface of the moon. 
 The screenshot below shows a triangular mothership at dock and nearby is a city on the surface. 
 My favorite find in this photo, is the hovering mothership in the screenshot below. It has a front and back similar to ships we see on the water today. Takes a few seconds to see it clearly. Let your eyes adjust to the black/white for a few seconds. 
 In the screenshot below, there is an alien base. Each part is made of separate rectangle sections and is easy to make out. 
 Below is a structure I found that reveals part of its wall and a black shiny dome over it.


  1. Ah yes... Finally proof of SSP bases. The dark side was easy to hide their secret, because we on earth cannot see that side.
    Extraordinary find Scott and timing my dear was and still is everthing. Thank You., Thank You. You sir are a truth hero. Disclosure is upon us, because you and people like streetcap are working to bring truth to light.

    1. Wow, thanks. Its like finding the puzzle pieces spread across the internet. Slowly it forms the big picture, but it will take many UFO researches to get there.

    2. You could be right regarding SSP bases or at least some designated & restricted territories given by the host of the moon who've been there 1st...

    3. What the heck is this on the moon??? 8°53'40.85"N 8°53'40.85"N

  2. Excellent finds Scott. You and Streetcap1 make a great team.

    1. Hey, thanks. Yeah, we often are looking at the same things. He has a great eye for detail that most people lack.

  3. You guys are doing some great work. Some day, hopefully in our lifetimes, we will learn the truth because of trailblazers like yourself and Streetcap1. Such an amazing eye for finding things others have missed

  4. Great job !!!
    Could you give all the link of the nasa photos ?


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