90 Meter Alien Ship Found Partly Buried On Mars Surface, Aug 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: August 28, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
NASA Photo: http://hirise-pds.lpl.arizona.edu/PDS/EXTRAS/RDR/ESP/ORB_035200_035299/ESP_035290_1805/ESP_035290_1805_RED.abrowse.jpg

I took the photo of the structure and spliced it (above), showing what it would look like if dug out of the dirt that partly buried it. Total length is about 8-90 meters from head to rear, 110 meters from wing tip to wing tip. 

This tubular structure is on the surface of Mars and has long tube-like towers sticking out of the side of the canyon. The longest of the tubes seems to have two evenly spaced openings which are black. Accord to the size measurement on the upper right corner of the NASA photo, the longest structure is about 90 meters by 110 meters. These structures seem to be very old and they are partially buried under the Mars surface. Looks like this is an old abandoned ship that is still in usable condition.
Scott C. Waring


  1. Looks like the fighter ship in the game galaga

  2. At least it is a fascinating picture. Obviously there were rivers here, lot of rivers, lot of water probably. So life probably too.

  3. At lesst the original picture is fascinating. There were obviously a lot of rivers there, lot of water. So life probably.

  4. Utter nonsense as per me. Looks like a piece of rock thats it.

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    1. Xha ha ha to you too in denial

  6. Im reckoning that shortly after that great mars calamity way way back then as a result tsunami's, earth quakes, & land erosion was highly instrimental in relocating statues including burieing them whole or partly, & that includes buildings, strutual parts from machinery, craft ect ect when massive land erosion occured, weve seen pics of structures, craft, statues ect thats all mixed around & seem half buried on the martian outback landmass.

  7. I have a strange impression that this worlds SSP is limited in its potential chaotic capabilities among the controlling host ET's on the moon & mars, I,e. now brace yourselves @ your control modules as inindicate this, ok here goes; the earth based SSP operatives & eguip will be base to areas specifically given for there use & research only, restrictions to certain areas in exploratory missions & locales on the moon & mars I,g., even restrictions on interrelationships & or communications w/ other "Other Worldly ET's" on the moon & mars, tho all in all i do thk that even tho the SSP can destroy modern day earth based armies, there no match w/ there host ET"s & there orher worldly visitors stationed on the moon & mars, & if disciplinary measures need to be taking against the SSP well they either pack up & blast off OR risk VAPORIZATION is all im indicating, that they might face from there Melevolent & OR Belevolent ET's host orders im reckoning.

    In other words, the SSP is not all that if your a pwrfull ET it seems in my mind i see clearly now, hell there like a space version of the earth based kick ass Special Forces Green Barrets.


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