Green UFO Seen Over New York City On Aug 8, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 8, 2015
Location of sighting: New York City, New York, USA
News Source: MUFON

This UFO was seen in New York City this week and looks a lot like the UFO seen in the Netherlands back in May 16, 2015 (click here to view). The human eye is less perfect than the digital eye so its understandable that the person didn't see it till they got home to upload it. If has seen this UFO in NY, please tell us in comments. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
I was walking north on 10th Ave taking pictures. I didn't notice that I had photographed anything until i downloaded my images several hours later at home. When I first saw them I thought they might have been lights from a helicopter but it wasn't dark enough for the whole body of an aircraft to be obscured. Whatever it is, looks segmented with gaps between the lights.In one picture you can see a light seemingly ascending in the distance. I really don't have feelings either way as I've always been a believer in UFO's. Always thought that i would see something sooner or later. As i mentioned, i didn't see these images until i downloaded them.


  1. Are you sure about this UFO ??
    But why have two UFO on first picture??

  2. Yes I think your spot on. And I get the feeling it's actually HAARP related., (this could be a hologram of the false flag alien invasion that a lot of people are expecting)

  3. that is an effect caused by finger prints on the lens. could possibly be from a traffic light above them maybe even the building in the background but either which way it's definitely just a reflection of light. UFOs are real just not this one

  4. I have seen this type here in Costa Rica recently and photographed it daytime, it is green disc

  5. By now, you should recognize LENS FLAIR from cheap tracking devices that have cameras and telephones. Those cheap tracking devices use small PLASTIC lenses that produce OBVIOUS lens flair. Now you know. When you see this kind of LENS FLAIR again, point it out as LENS FLAIR.

  6. I was having dinner on the rooftop of my apt on Roosevelt Island and I noticed there was a moving bright dot in the sky over Manhattan. It moved not that fast but quicker the general plane and disappeared within 5 sec.

  7. These lights looks like reflections/refractions (I don't know the exact term) of the lights on the bottom of the image.
    On the 1st image we have 2 "UFO's" on top and 2 strong lights at the bottom (above the fences, under the concrete structure). Notice that both "UFO's" are on the oposite side of the lights at the bottom. UFO 1 top-left, Light 1 bottom-right. UFO 2 top-mid, Light 2 bottom-mid.
    Following this, we have a 2nd image, where there's only 1 "UFO" and 1 strong light below, in the exact same opposition.
    I could upload some graphs, but I don't think it's allowed here in comments.

  8. The photo was made behind a window and the ufo seems to be a room light. The flash on the right side shows the reflection in the window ;-)

  9. Not. This is lense flat from the green portion of the tower. Faked.

  10. This is an effect of the lens of your camera, not an UFO.
    If there is light in front of the lens, most of time it can happens.

  11. Its not UFOs just look at the difference of background light in both images , in one it seems like day time and in second its complete dark and observe the apartment in both the image you will understand there is something wrong in images .


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