Two Figures On Mars, Frozen In Time In An Emotional Scene, @NASA Photo Aug 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: 2010-2012 about
Location of discovery: Mars
Now I have reported this long ago, but found it again by chance and decided to post it again for those who have never seen it before. There are two figures in this NASA photo and one of them is laying down, while the other is walking towards it. The figures do not look alive, but like statues, but the way they are laying and walking, it looks as if some kind of weapon has turned them to stone. Whatever the case, the mystery will always interest me. 
Scott C. Waring

UFO Sightings Daily


  1. Sent you some extra shots of the floating meteor satt pic... Statues, and maybe life? Might be worth a post/story? I know the meteor floating is the largest one to be found yet, there's only about 3-4 story's of floating entity's (not talking ufo-orb)

  2. The top image looks like a man standing on a floating segway. I'm using objects we have here to describe what I see. Its as if he is coasting along just above the ground on a personal craft.

  3. we know nothing about Mars.not much for sure.the contactee stories about Mars were once a good earth like planet and that it had global desasters because of malonas destruction,the asteroid belt now,the nuclear destruction.so if these are marsians dry bodies left from heat maybe or just our brain again searching for human shapes...who knows

  4. Looks like a kind of ruin from a cemetery/ mausoleum / burial garden, when the civilization on Mars chose to make the "Headstones" actual sculptures. The rectangular squares are covering the grave, the figures are the sculptured idealizations, perhaps, of the deceased 'Martian'. I actually think this is a better way to go - have a statue made of you to enjoy for the later years, then when you die, transfer the sculpture to the gravesite. Who knows how the Martians think about death...

  5. Yea Scott the more i think about those statues in a moving looking but still poster, well sir it makes me come to think that your theory of some polarizing type of device or wave of directed energy that may have been used on them are becoming quite understandably plausable imo...


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