Alien Base Found On Google Moon Map, Sept 7, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 7, 2015
Location of discovery: Earths Moon
Coordinates:  88°46'25.80"S   46°27'30.78"W

I was using Google Moon map and found this alien structure in the northern region of the moon. The larges of the structures looks fairly well kept. What I mean is there is no dust, no dirt on this metalic structure and it does look like its probably a very large ship. Google ruler might be a  bit off, but its readings say that the ship is 2.51km across, or 1.55 miles. It is about 590-450 meters wide depending on the area measured. 

Of course NASA knows about the structures and thousands of others, but the thing is, does NASA know if these ships and structures are being occupied? If this technology was abandoned, then it would be very easy to put a mission together to explore these structures and if possible, live in them. Why build a moon base, when there are already many there waiting for us?
Scott C. Waring


  1. I can see everything you point out here, hate to be the party pooper but until you get footage of a ship disappearing into a hole, you can't call them alien bases. Yes they are STILL an ALIEN STRUCTURE, cos that's what it is. Great find but I see this same thing a lot and unfortunately can't tell until I see action or movement,,, I believe there's more chance of life being at the Ceres "ice crystal " lights, as that looks like an active zone.

  2. Very nice find maybe one of the many reasons humans havnt set foot on the moon for decades,because it's crawling with alien life,I mean who would build a floating space station when it's much easier to build on the moon and mine for resources rather than orbiting earth at a few thousand kmph

  3. Thanks for your intellect. It's refreshing, LOVE the alien skeleton!!! I was thinking that could be a base if it isn't a corpse? It just looks to cool,Hollywood for someone to not make a home of it.. Keep up the great hunt scott

  4. This is probably one of ours. NASA has let too many be seen by the populace. I'm sure they are threaten by the powers that be so it makes since that they dodge and cover most but it is getting too frequent ....don't know how they are going to keep up. Some day soon tho!

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  6. Interesting find. Such an increase in ufo sightings as well. Wonder if disclosure isn't far behind? So easy to laugh at the government's repeated "explanations" from the past of weather balloons.

    1. THE ONLY DISCLOSURE WE WILL SEE WILL BE WHAT WE DO OURSELVES. it really helps Russia and China think NASA are full of ship as they ARE disclosing now!


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