High Altitude UFO With Thrusters Transits The Moon, Feb 12, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 12, 2016
Location of sighting: Between Earth And Moon

This UFO was caught by Crrow777 of Youtube and it seems to have thrusters on it, but it could be that one side of this UFO is reflective material. It is spinning very slowly as it moves across the moon. This looks nothing like a satellite or rocket. Mind blowing catch!
Scott C. Waring

Crrow777 of Youtube states:
Many followers asked me to redo this clip so here it is. Shot well over a year ago, this clip shows a very high altitude craft with three rocket-like thrusters. The footage was shot in the daytime using an 8" telescope through a city light filter. This is why the footage looks to have been shot at night. Lucky catch!


  1. Good old crrow777 :) great stuff and i hope we get to see some march 5 stuff i hear its gonna be an active day

  2. more loud booms in new York ,earthfiles.com, wow hundreds of residents reported but military has no explanation...this is getting strange...hundreds of calls ,that's getting noteworthy.

  3. Nice one!
    Does someone also see the second UFO in this video ?
    if you watch carefully at 1:24 second there is a transparent UFO on the left in RED dot of this picture http://postimg.org/image/hk76goiwl/
    then we can see it follow the first UFO in the dark side ,look at minute 8:10

  4. Probably a reflection off the surface of the ET or that Break Away Civil's craft, heck i cannot conceive those break aways bringing the Gulf Oil corp w/ them & around up there in flyin Feul Air Bombs of rockets utilizing guidence thrusters etc, i mean a bit primitive around the lizard folk there who can fly circles around a gas hog w/ there craft right!...

    Gulf Oil was a major fueler for NASA during there Apollo zenith yrs to have us think that thats how they got there, hell even the X-15 its predecessors & decendents in the X series experimental aircraft is a quote, Feul Air Bomb of aeronautical design includin the YF-12A to SR-71 all fuel air bombs of Earth Terestrial Aircraft that the Break Aways introed to the world while there butts are ziping w/ in this solar sys as far back as the late 40's or early 50's in Gravity Wave Ships the lunar lizard folk gave them.

    1. Ya know Scott & fellow Crew, the more i watched this presentation the more i agree that this may very well be some sort of thruster tech of some kind quite possibly yes, & ill include non fuel based energy emitting outputs on this alleged craft, tho maybe its a Pulsed Energy emittion that some how acts as a navigational guidance system unit for it UC...

      BUT NO GAS PWR OF ANYKIND HELL FRIGGIN NO IMO, everybody listen, dont you get tired of these obsolete damm fuel sucking motor vehicals even the latest 2016 gas pwr'd models all seem old & dangerously outdatted to me now, dont any of you feel the same towards this imo primitive fuel based trans tech, hell i do, & id surely love to know this from other commenters on Scotts sight, because over the last couple yrs i dont feel right even riding a gas pwr'd motor cycle anymore, im just kinda sick & tired of this ancient tech knowing that theres something in the trans tech world/worlds Out There, & pun intended, thats even greater by leaps & technological bounds for personal & public transportation UC.

    2. Have anyone here ever have flying dreams occasionally, where its like, gliding thru a atmosphere EFFORTLESS like its a natural thing your doing...

      Id wake up feeling in a state of awe & wonderment after this ill call it a Lucid Dream State, dont you sometimes.

  5. I saw a grey once. It was horrific. I almost shat myself. You just can't anticipate your response to seeing something like that.
    It was on this farm a family friend has. In an orchard. I didn't see a craft or space ship. It was at dusk. I went for a walk.
    I thought O lord jesus, why have you forsaken me? What have I done to deserve this? It was picking apples.
    I thought, why are you picking apples? Maybe they don't have apples in their base on the dark side of the moon.


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