UFO Over France Is Wheel Like Disk With Domed Top Over France, June 2013, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 21, 2013, but reported today.
Location of sighting: France
Source: MUFON #75233

At first, I almost dismissed this as a light reflection, but on closer inspection I found that it is a solid object. Yes light of the sun is reflecting off of the object, causing it to appear brighter for the moment. The UFO probably shot past the camera so fast that the human eye didn't see it. Lucky for us the camera did. Its easy to make out the domed top, and it has two separate sides and an inner center. So glad I saw this one today. It taught me a lesson about sometimes a reflection is not just a reflection. I would have hated missing this one.

It moves like a wheel on its end. I do have a friend, who works at NASA from Taiwan. He said he once saw a craft that glowed blue when started and stood on end like a wheel with the ability to travel from the Earth to the moon in just over a minute. Hmmm...this could be NASAs secret project caught over France. They  did catch the TR3B with night vision over France about 6 years back. 

Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
It was nice and quite dark cloud attracted my attention. I took pictures and I saw appear a lumièere so I took a second photo where you can see this strange form. you can see it on second photo.


  1. cool picture..
    why cant I load up my picture or contact u scott?? how I put up a foto here? anyone want help me? :(

  2. Looks like basic lens flare. Easily explained. Not sure why you think it is a solid object.

  3. How do I contact you? I have 2 photos I'd like you to take a look at please.

  4. How do I contact you? I have 2 photos I'd like you to look at please

  5. That is one beautiful discoidal craft Scott, yes the top pic shows the suns rays of anguler posistioning on the upper clowds is the same angle as on the craft that makes it look so bright & shiney on this "Grav Feild Propulsion Vehical" or GFPV that i would gladly love to own & learn how to operate...

    Dont any of you have flying dreams sometimes, & as a result youve seen the big pic & got SICK & TIRED of these terrestrial DOGGONE FRIGGIN FRACKEN Fuel Sucking $ burnin terrestrial "Feul Air Bombs on wheels & air lift wings"...

    Well I DID for a couple yrs now, & i wish like hell i had my very own shiney, sleak & nice GFPV craft to go anywhere in the cosmos swiftly, guitely & cleanly, w/ OUT THE COST & HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS FROM BURNT TOXIC PROCESSED FUELS EITHIER, Gulf Oil was a mega million dollar front during NASA's Apollo zenith yrs, to have the masses of earths asses believe the Break Away Societies created global scam that they went there usin Gulf Oil processed fuel, while those tricky SoB's allready was zippin around this solar sys as early as the late 40's to early 50's in anti grav vehicals before they created NASA, gosh dam this kind of shennagins should go onto the history books for jr school & university studies for gens to come, because i feel that this is real man, & is at this time in earths history one main reason why this elite controled society is in this scandalous global pwr/money grab quandary in this time.

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