White Creature On Mars, Seen Then Disappears In Front Of Rover, July 4, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 4, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars, Sol 1385, Navcam Left B

As I was going though this weeks Black and White NASA Curiosity Rover photos, I found a glowing object that really shouldn't be there. Its dark and this object is glowing like it makes its own energy. We can clearly make out many right angles so it does look like its a constructed object.

This area had two photos of it, one with the white object, one without it. One was taken by the Navcam Left B camera. The other Navcam Right B camera.Both were taken at 06:38:20, so perhaps this white object hid quickly in those rocks. This could be a white rabbit creature, like the one I reported back in 2012. (Click here to view the white rabbit).

If the rover investigated it, all close up photos were not posted. There is only one photo of this object and it was so bright that I am confident that NASA scientists noticed. 


  1. It seems very strange that the Curiosity Rover has a multitude of components and parts left open to the weather - it looks to me as if there are pipes,tubes,and all manner of components that are left uncovered - I imagine there are many sensitive parts and electrical items on board the Rover and it seems very odd that these would be left uncovered - I can understand that weight would be a consideration but it seems a folly for NASA to send this scientifically valuable craft millions of miles only to leave many tubes,pipes and other sensitive items outside of any protection - it IS vary hard to see what they are Scott as the images are changing so quickly but take a look at them and see if you know or can work out what this external equipment could be - it`s all obviously performing vital functions and although the most sensitive parts must be under cover it looks like not all of it is...unless of course there are "on site" engineers ready to repair and replace malfunctioning parts as we`ve been told there are - bizarre indeed.

    1. All parts are internal, enclosed within the arms and rover itself for a few reasons. One, to prevent foreign particles. Two, for heat to operate correctly. Printed circuit boards even are designed to wrap around motors. Three, it would take more energy to auto eject full broken pieces after a full diagnosis.

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    3. My thanks goes out to MrHennity also, for the original rover servicing question, yes there seems to be delicate components clustered on the roovers frame covering that does seem valnerable to continuous martian envorimental cond's UV deterioration etc, & that OCCASIONALLY NEEDS PARTS REPLACEMENTS & SERVICING, just like your commercial family roover vehical does for instance, & any as we know of modern gear greasy mechanized earth machinery.

  2. I think it's either metal or a rock filled with mineral's/crystal's MAYBE? Gif has about 1 ft difference between camera position.


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