Massive Saucer Shape on COR2 Camera - Other side of the SUN. Oct 24, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 24, 2016 at 23:09:15
Location of sighting: Earths Sun
Source sun photo: https://stereodata.nascom.nasa.gov/browse//2016/10/24/ahead/cor2/1024/20161024_230915_n4c2A.jpg

This photo was taken with the SOHO last week and it shows a giant UFO hovering over our sun. The object does look like a giant disk seen front the side. And did you notice, there is a explosion of energy shooting from just below it? The ship is extracting the suns material. Hopefully this won't adversely effect our sun and throw the Earth into chaos. Excellent find by Streetcap1. 
Scott C. Waring

Streetcap1 states: 

At the moment Stereo Ahead COR2 is around 160 -170 million miles distant on the other side of our Sun, near Venus. Cor2 will pick up any activity passing it's camera while the shutter is open.


  1. Unfortunately this will adversely affect our sun and throw the Earth into chaos

  2. There are more very big objects on the video. Aren`t they interesting as an ufo as well?

  3. the suns only 30 miles in diameter we live on a flat earth in the dome no ones been to space nasa is a way to steal your money so is all the others the ufos come from the land mass past south pole

    1. Wow...I believe you should rethink your conclusions. To be SURE the sun has a 30 mile diameter?! I entreat you to drastically re analyze all of the evidence. Not hating, but instead,I'm trying to help.

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    1. Unlike "Momma", I am afraid you are exactly correct. We are being prepped for The War of the Worlds I believe. Propaganda is everywhere. Our beautiful planet, earth, goes through five to ten thousand years Cycles each cycle generating a technologically-advanced, emotionally sophisticated and, compared to us, a collection of societies, most of whom have been more advanced than us. Our teachers lied to us. Our theologians lied to us. Our Scholars lied to us. This has all happening before, and it will all happen again. But unfortunately we're going down in a spiral to the ground and no one is going to save us, unless we can figure it out for ourselves stuff the cyclical regeneration process.

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    4. I meant to say, " unless we can figure it out for ourselves, and *STOP* the cyclical regeneration process." Typo lol

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  5. I hope i don't shock anyone here on Scotts ship, but this presently occupied rock of yours will physically survive anything present earth humanity throws at it but just may as a result kill off humanity slowly by those things toxicly thrown & or launched by humanitys morally currupted & greedy power brokers, or perhaps what the solar system throws at it too, but again realize that civilizations have came & will go including this present earths eras possibilities via self & or natural civilization destruction from beyond...

    Then after earths humanity wipes itself off the face of this rock & OR a massive solar system anomolie comes close enough to earths gravitational influence to turn it topsy turvy, then the reseeding process on this settled down planet after the global physical turm oil is over will begin, & remember a yr to earths humanity's is a sec to them so they do have patience to reseed this planet even if it takes another 1k yrs to settle down, so my theory is that ET just may be prepared to reseeded it w/ those "Hybrid Beings" after the earths physical land mass rearrangement & most of humanity is no less than 99% eviscerated as if the ET creators of those beings "Seen It Comming" to this present earth era civilization & YOUR WORLD i,g. regardless...

    Living down here in this present earth era time is like crapp shootin in Vegas it seems now ya think, now tink tink now w/ out that one size fit all Thinking Helmet on crewmates. ✌πŸ˜πŸ‘


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