Alien Orb Caught Flying Around Mountain Hikers In Romania, Oct 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 25, 2015, but reported today.
Location of sighting: Kosovo, Romania
Source: MUFON #80168

Orbs are curious things that don't often come down this low, but have been seen with the human eye to do so. Here its curiosity gets the best of it. I myself have witnessed an orb this big and 2 meters from me.

This orb must have been in constant movement so the hikers wouldn't notice it. Its got great detail on the photo, and looks metallic, but may be some other material alien to us. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
As I was hiking with a large group of people in the mountain called Lubeten 2498 in Kosovo, I made some zoomed photos of people hiking near the ridge of the mountain. After I came back at home and looked the photos, I saw several pics with a golden orb behind some hikers. There were around 230 hikers and nobody noticed it. I have more pictures of the orb hovering around.


  1. Interesting...but it is so hard to trust photos these days. I do like that it is a mufon report. Interesting camera angles.

  2. Wow.

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  3. Kosovo ? Which country ? Romania ???

  4. I've seen the exact same thing before in corona California and it was during the day and pretty low, about a hundred feet from two story house roof tops and it was the same shape just a bit darker grey and later that night in the same area we saw 3 reddish orange orbits in triangle formation floating around disappearing and reappearing and then all 3 separated and flew off in 3 different directions. I have video of both occasions and still remember it vividly till this day


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