UFO Turns Lights On Over Lima, Peru Excites Locals, Nov 2016, Video, πŸ‘½ UFO Sighting News πŸ‘½

Date of sighting: Nov 2016
Location of sighting: Lima, Peru

This is cool. A UFO was recorded over Lima, Peru this week and in the recording we see a street light suddenly light up. Coincidence? Probably not, since hundreds of UFO reports report electrical problems when the UFO was near. This is important evidence that this object was a UFO. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
A mysterious ‘burning’ UFO has been filmed traveling across the sky above a capital city. Residents of Lima, Peru, were left stunned as the orange light floated slowly through the air in the slightly darkened sky. The video, which lasts a full minute and was revealed by Peruvian media last night, has left observers mystified. To add to the mystery, people in other parts of the South American country, including the highlands to the southeast of Lima and the area near the Amazon rainforest, also spotted strange lights in the sky. One theory is that the lights could be the high-altitude balloons used by Google’s Project Loon, an initiative that provides Internet access to people in remote and rural areas. The balloons float in the stratosphere about 18km, 11 miles, above the Earth’s surface and do contain lights. Is this where aliens from Mars relax? British conspiracy theorist spots a SOFA on Red Planet However, there are a number of people who believe Peru is a regular stop-off for aliens who are drawn to the country by its many ancient sites, including the world famous Machu Picchu citadel in the Andes Mountains.


  1. UFO? Sure. But the light likely turns on at dusk. Would have been more impressed if ONLY that light turned on.. ;)

  2. Photo voltaic switches are uusally located on most st lamps top conopy section nowadays to absorb UV light wavelength rads thatll switch the lamp to the off mode during daylight hrs, or i,e to activate during night time when the suns UV light rads is at its lowest point, so my guestimation is that the UFO may have been emitting some amount of UV wavelength energie in that direction to cause the st lamp/lamps to trigger to the off mode position as if its daytime...

    This can also be accomplished by pointing a violet, blue or green lzr light towards the st lamps UV sensor also, because the 405nM to 530nM or the violet to blue to green lzr light wavelength ranges harbours the most UV rads to switch off a st lamp sensor UC.

    1. On the other hand my new theory as to why the st lamps switched ON on what appears to be to me like a day w/ enough UV left to keep the lamp off, well i really cant comment in all honesty on that strange issue, but after reviewing this presentation again & again & again, maybe perhaps the st light had just randomly shut ON & the filmers of this presentation just wanted to spice it up a bit ya TINK, & possibly yes a Hi Tech Google Proj Comm Balloon, i can buy that one also.😏


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