December 18, 2016

Giant Round Building Found In Crater On Earths Moon, Dec 2016, Telescope Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: December 2016
Location of sighting: Earths Moon

Here is a highly detailed view of one of the craters on Earths moon. This object is huge! Its round and it almost looks like a giant duck shaped building right smack dab in the middle of the crater. This is a remarkable catch. You can see in the video that the person is using his cell phone on the telescopes view finder. That is why we see a round area of black on the view. Remarkable catch and 100% proof that aliens exist on our moon. Nice work David Lunar!
Scott C. Waring

David Lunar of Youtube States: 
WTF is that huge structure in the middle of that crater, it overpowers the crater itself.


  1. Wicked view, he should film the pyramid near another building in a large flattened crater to the upper right around midday Australian EST. < just as a time reference for the rest of the world

  2. Scott do you know how they can cancel the atmosphere haze of earth out? Or is it just prime conditions ?

    1. The guy that recorded the video, David Lunar is a new guy and only has this video and a few family friend videos. I am confident its real.

      2QIK4U...I'm not sure what you mean about atmospheric haze. I just know that our tech is getting better and better, and even an iPhone can record this...if its held up to the eyepiece of a good enough telescope.

      Aliens do control our cloud cover at time, but I do not know how much. Once, about 6 years ago, I recorded in infrared in the day a starfish like craft. It had 3 sharp long arms and it turned like a wheel, as it did, it moved and seemed to make more clouds. This was over Taiwan, but the video was bad because changing video quality to yotube mp4 back then made it all was HD. I wish I had it today. I still think about that. As it turned, I saw it churning the cloud, making it bigger, more puffy.

  3. Hi 2Q! Can i have your email address? Want to show you something in a Gigapan...

  4. It's what is left of the meteor that created the crater.

  5. 100% Scott. I did some calculations using my bsm meter meter and I only got 27.32% is it my or your calculations that are correct? If you are correct than we must prepare ourselves for their entry into our orbits. This may initially be quite disturbing but the more experienced of us will recognise its potential for pleasure and will bend over To receive it. UFOs are here to get a good feel of us.

  6. Scott, Where on The Moon is this? Exact co-ordinates please. We can't just take your word for it and some bloke called David LUNAR can we? You're a rational, skepritcal person aren't you, so you'll understand.

  7. WoW that sounds excellent scott, by atmosphere haze i mean that you know when your on a scope looking at the moon and it looks like a wobbling summer heat haze off a hot road, i see that with all moon viewing projects, i learnt its earths atmosphere but some people can get a cleaner view than others, this is very clear besides the scope shaking which i understand by hand with no motor to keep scope steady. That starfish sounds fantastic

  8. Its obvious you people have nothing better to do than look at rocks and call them alien out posts I mean for god sake get a life. Nothing I have seen to date in any of the moon photos from the past or the present show any evidence of any artificially created environments to the deserning eye these strutures that have been showen to the world are merely geological manifestations of a naturally formed composition.

  9. It almost looks like a cube on the edge, with a radar (whatever) dish coming off one of the faces.

    It makes sense that the ETs would position their bases/ habitats / technology in craters, to make them less obvious & more hidden from the Terran Monkeymen, who have a tendency to blow up first and investigate later...ah, Silly Humans (although instead of Yes, I think of David Letterman, "Stupid Humans..")

    I wish Streetcap1, or his 'witness' would tell us what kind of scope (power, focal length, etc.) where he was pointing at on the moon, and what kind of camera (well, as you said Scott, a cellphone. But WHICH brand)? This will make it easier for others to invest in equipment to do the job, versus the expensive R&D (trial & error) approach. As a Mufon Field Investigator, we need more SCIENCE in ufology, versus the CGI garbage from TurdPraiseOfPoon. Thanks for the share - good cap, Streetcap!