Ron Howard Responds About Moving To Mars To Live, Dec 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: Dec 2016

Actor and director Ron Howard, who is most well known as being in "Happy Days," was caught by a TMZ interview as he was walking to work. The interviewer asked an interesting question about a show about Mars Ron was currently working on. 

Ron spoke about it, but then got more serious by adding, "I wouldn't want to go, but its nice to make a show about it." 

I personally have spoken to him twice, once when I was a kid in Needles, California when he was making a Egyptian movie, and again last year on Twitter when I asked him about that movie...which he quickly answered. Seems like a cool guy all around.

I see why Ron would not want to go to Mars, he has a lot going for him on this planet, so why start all over on one with less convinces and less population? But, as most of our older readers here already know, we have reported entire cites of buildings on Mars still mostly intact and waiting for people to once again inhabit them. Would you go to Mars to live if given the chance. I would, but only if I got to live in an alien structure. 
Scott C. Waring