December 13, 2016

Two Structures Found On Mars Hillside, Dec 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: December 2016
Location of discovery: Mars

This is not one, but two buildings found by Streetcap1. The first building is easy to make out, round, golden with tail fins as if it may be a ship. The second is right below it, and looks almost like a weapon of some sort. Can you make it out? Very remarkable structures. These structures are about 1 foot tall. That means the inhabitants that made it are only a 1-3cm tall. Most the evidence in the linked photo tends to back this assumption up. Not to mention that the family of 3 statues found on Mars are only 2-3cm tall (click here to view).
Scott C. Waring

Streetcap1 state: 
These are from a Huge Gigapan uploaded recently to the internet. Objects are a good distance away so are a bit blurry. No sharpening has been used. Streetcap1


  1. Talking out of your arse again Scott's? Please stick an anal probe in it and do us all a favour.

  2. Still remains the mistery, alright ?

  3. The Golden eggs are the rarest yet, i first noticed them in the 70's, then i started noticing them in the original star trek and flash gordon and theyre even in the book Charlie and the great glass elevator, this even looks like a set from Lost in Space what a flashback. Great shot streetcap1 but did you find this or already knew?

  4. This is a nice find indeed...but if you look to the immediate right I feel the blue/black round object to be even STRANGER. It's clearly smooth and round, has a weird color and it looks like a kettle or a pot of some kind, but it also looks very face like. I can see what might be eyes and ears, kind of like an old african sculpture.

    Great pic overall. Lots of interesting things to speculate on.

  5. We seek them here, we seek them there. But there on Mars are Alien artefacts every where. Disclosure will come all over us soon.

  6. i have one photo downloaded by nasa official web site there are so many buildings in the photos how can i share with s.c. warring to finalise the photo buildings are real or only my hypo

  7. Looks like a stream of water at the bottom of the hillside