CIA Releases UFO Documents To Waste Your Time And Make You Give Up The Subject, Jan 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of doc release: January 2017
Source of announcement: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/

For some unknown reason, probably just out of the kindness of their iron hearts, the CIA has released some ancient CIA intelligence gathered from past UFO sightings and decided to ALLOW the public to read over them. You see, we the UFO researchers around the world have put so much pressure on the world governments by us getting in the news daily and different UFO facts and sightings, all of which are the latest sightings and news, that the CIA must have figured that these old documents from a time before most of us were born would some how appease our appetite for the truth, but, and I say this with laughter...why did they even waste their time posting this old information? Its a pile of garbage documents that have been picked out as being the least important and least revealing, and then they edit them until its so unreadable that no one will ever learn anything from them. The documents are not with the paper they were copied onto. 

Things you wont find in these documents...
1. No Roswell information. 
2. No info about the March 1969 UFO crash in Russia
3. No info about the Brazil UFO crash of 1996 (USAF was gifted the UFO as a token of Brazil friendship.)
4. No info about the Kecksburg UFO crash in Dec 1965
5. No info about the UFO fleet the US Army shot at and had no effect on over Los Angeles in Feb of 1942
6. No info about the UFO crash in New Mexico in 2003
7. No info about the UFO crash in Needles, California in 2008
8. No info about the alien base below Los Alamos Labs 

Look, I can go on and on with this list. What I'm saying is that the CIA documents are only good for carrying to the outhouse. Don't waste your time going though them. They want you to find nothing so you will give up on the subject, but we already know there their plan. So we keep on keeping on, doing what we do daily, trudging forward no matter what. We are already winning and the CIA and aliens know it too.
Scott C. Waring