Dark Triangle UFO Over Neighbourhood In Louisville, Kentucky Following Google Map Car, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 2017
Location of sighting: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Source: MUFON #81433

This is a cool report, but was lacking the Google coordinates to confirm it. I luckily found the coordinates and yes, the triangle UFO is there. At the coordinates of 38° 6'23.28"N 85°51'20.04"W if you go into street view by dragging and dropping the orange person icon in this location, you will notice a dark UFO hanging over a white house. I look around the neighborhood on street view and found that the dark triangle was following the Google car for a little ways. The triangle was sometimes in front of the trees, meaning its size was only about 1 meter from corner to corner. It was probably cloaked, but the Google cameras digital eye caught it. Google has a program that blurs faces, license plates and apparently UFOs now. If you notice the blur over the window and the blur over the UFO appear to be made by the same cover up tool.
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
My son was looking for his phone and realize it was on his bed, when he picked it up google satellite was some how pulled up on his phone, he was like what the heck .. so he started looking at what the satellite map was on.. he realized it was on our house, he was shocked to see a object hovering over our house.. the object appears to be triangle in shape and brown in color... he snapped shot from different angles ... I am not sure what this object is, it could be a leaf or something on the satellite lens... but looks to be a UFO.., would love for your team to look at pictures and let us know if this is a object on the lens or if a UFO was really over our house!
Below, notice the UFO is in front of the trees and is a perfect triangle. 


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  2. It would not surprise me one bit that a visual obfuscation prog exist now for caught UFO images that even GOOGLE must blur out nowadays, & ill betcha a suger free donut to your worn & dirty U.S. paper dollar bill that the same org that instructs NASA to do this is that imfamous shadow hiding SecGov't who are the ones whos really calling the shots to any established terrestrial org that gets random pics of any ET or terrestrial back engineered craft even by accident, & i also believe w/ a pay to play type of gov't that this uncouth politically illigitamate dirty rotten filthy shiester as a pres is trying to create for his sordid vr of a so called currupted ameriKKKa & only his including lining the pockets of his shiester oil & wall st selected cabinet crew who's planning on ripping off the U.S. commons blind to where you may have to pay for this type of info under his currupted & gottdam unethical administration, then after shelling out your dollars for the info then afterwards hopeing like hell its credible info after paying for it, so dont you see a potential for these types of money grabbing scams thats possibly heading americans way under this selected presidential freaks watch everyone here that can tink deductively.😒

  3. Fake! Look at the power lines they don't even match up!!


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