UFO Appears From Bottom OF Cloud Over Mexico, Jan 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 2017
Location of sighting: Michoacan, Mexico
News source: https://www.elsoldemexico.com.mx/doble-via/573894-un-ovni-conoce-al-fenomeno-que-sorprende-a-michoacan

Yesterday in Mexico a large cloud was forming when suddenly a round disk was seen appearing pushing through its bottom layer. The disk was of a different color than the cloud itself and looked smooth and rounded. Some people ask me, why would a UFO want to make a cloud to hide it? Because it can really rock the world of those people who are on the edge already or a little unstable or especially sensitive. They don't want to be the cause of someone getting hurt down here. They just want a close look and want you to think...they are not there, its just a coincidence that such a cloud exists. It keeps people calm. 

I remember a report from the W56 Friendship case at Rocca Pia Italy, where some people were becoming friends with the aliens in the base below the castle there. One of the aliens said that they could never harm another living thing. To do so would be against all they believe and stand for (this only represents views of W56, not all aliens). That they would rather self destruct than harm a single human being. Its odd, but we certainly can't judge multiple alien species based on our culture, also compounded by the fact that humans have a small IQ and aliens have an astronomically high IQ. Level of intelligence changes the perceptual field...the way each individual views the world around them.
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
HUETAMO.- At approximately 06:30 in the morning of this Saturday a strange meteorological phenomenon was visualized in several municipalities of the state of Michoacán, mainly in the hill of Tejerias, pertaining to the municipality of Huetamo. It is a spot with swirling figure and in the lower part a red light, which was appreciated in the sky, and was seen in several municipalities of Michoacan territory. People observed for more than an hour this phenomenon, which had never been seen.