A face In Time Of Another Species On Another World, Newest Curiosity Rover Photos, Feb 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 17, 2017
Location of discovery: Mars, sol 1601
Source photo: http://iacopoapps.appspot.com/marspho

This photo is from the official NASA Curiosity rover blog, yeah, they have a few of them, not just one. I know, I know. But take a look at this face I found. The eye is actually the entrance to the home itself. Its a doorway, but only half of the face is actually there, so what I did was cut the half of face out, copy it, flip it and use it to make a whole face. Now we can see the entire face of the creature that was made. I know you can see it too, and you are wondering about how odd it is, and how odd I am. Thats fine, I get it. Its hard for new comers to this site who have never seen such things before. The first time is laughable. The second time you its bewildering. The third time you deny the possibility. The fourth time you question your old beliefs. And on the fifth time you see it, you come to peace with it. 

Its just life, how it goes, how its always gone, on this planet and the next and so forth. Time, space two constants of the universe, but now let me introduce you to the third unknown constant...life.
Scott C. Waring