Elon Musk Says Aliens Are Watching Humanity, But Humans Are Not Smart Enough To Realise It, Feb 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Tech Billionaire Elon Musk spoke at the World Summit Meeting this week and brought up some very interesting subjects. At 11 min into the video he speaks of humanity meeting aliens for the first time.

"Imagine you were very confident that we were going to be visited by super confident aliens in say 10 years or 20 years at the most."

Then, seconds afterward the speaker asks, "So you think in maybe 20 years, we will have aliens on earth?"

Elon got nervous at this point, fidgeted a little bit to gather his wits and then in a composed state of mind said stated; "Digital super intelligence will be like an alien." Then he continues, "Some people among us ask where are the aliens?" At this point, he grinned as if he knew something great...something he knew and the rest of the world didn't. It was a certain cockiness in his voice and attitude and continues by saying, "maybe they are among us, I don't know. Some people think I am an alien. Not true."

A few minutes later the speaker asks, "Do you think we will make contact with aliens in the next 50 years?"

You can see him thinking deeply about this question, and then says; "thats a real tough one to say. Uh...I mean, if there are super intelligent aliens out there, they probably already observing us. That would seem quite likely and we are just not smart enough to realise it."

Then he continues; "any alien civilisation that was even interested in populating the galaxy, even without faster than the speed of light, even if you were only traveling at 10-20% the speed of light, you could populate the entire galaxy in say 10 million years." 

Now I have never stated publicly that Elon Musk is an alien, never, but apparently someone has, and its no surprise. His tech innovations are groundbreaking. He made a space capsule for NASA that was roomier, and more Star Trek-like in just 14 days after NASA asked for one. Thats impossible. I believe Elon could be an alien and is certainly showing lack of failing and mass successes as an alien would, but I feel he is getting his alien tech innovations from the US government trying to leak alien tech into the public sectors. Probably DARPA or some other Gov agency has been secretly passing alien technology to Elon and seeing what he could make with it. I also think a lot of his funding comes from the US government to insure he succeeds. 
Scott C. Waring

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