Glowing UFO Seen Over Elmbridge, UK And All Around The World This Month, March 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 2017
Location of sighting: Elmbridge, UK
News source: http://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/what-the-flaming-light-show-is-this-mysterious-ufo-filmed-hovering-above-gloucester/story-30200466-detail/story.html

This glowing UFO has been recorded all around the world in the last 4 weeks. I can easily post 20 videos of it in different countries. I myself recorded it just 2 weeks ago and it looks exactly the same as this here in Taiwan. I didn't bother posting it, because lately it seems people on Youtube only want to view fake UFO videos and they ignore the real ones. The difference is really obvious, but when you try to make a difference and get ignored, it cools your jets. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
Just what on Earth - or perhaps Mars or Jupiter - is this?

This apparently intergalactic lightshow was filmed above Gloucester last night - and it's got us, and the cameraman, baffled.

The mysterious orb was spotted by Rob Wheatman in Elmbridge yesterday and he had a powerful enough camera to zoom right in on it.

What it shows is anyone's guess - but we'd love to hear what you think it might be. We're pinning our money on aliens. Definitely aliens.

Rob said: "I saw it as a sparkling 'star' from the garden in Elmbridge, due south. What alerted me was an orange light that came from it and travelled at speed north east.

"I grabbed my video and luckily it has a 40x zoom and that's when I got the images of the bizarre light you saw."