Sorry Guys For Getting The Warning Sign On My Site.

Update April 25: I found the problems. It was some old HTML code that embedded into my 2013 posts by accident. I copy/pasted a paragraph from a news site to show you in my post, but some black code got into it at the end some how. So, be careful when copy pasting stuff on the net, bad code or virus could come with it. Its all clean now, 100% and was only in two post from back in 2013 so no worries.

I was gone for the weekend and everything went to hell. It just figures. 

Apparently one of the source that I linked to back in 2013 has become a Google black list site, or was taken over by another new odd site or something. So I had to go back and delete the sources, deleted source HTML code for videos that no longer exiting, and more on a full month of posts back in 2013. Very odd. I didn't know showing the link to a source could hurt your site, but apparently is sure can. 

I am currently cleaning it up and it should be ok in a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Expected repair time 24-48 hours. 

Scott C. Waring