December 2, 2017

Another Cannon Ball Found On Mars, 100% Evidence Of Past War, Dec 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Aug 2017
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo 1:
Source photo 2:

This metal ball is perfectly formed and about the size of a softball here on earth. Guess what? That also matches the size of a cannon ball. First discovered by WhatsUpInTheSky37 Youtube Chanel, who also states its made of metal. This is 100% evidence of a war on Mars. This projectile is sitting on the surface above all the wrecked stone structures around it. Fragments of a once civilisation is sitting scattered in tiny pieces around this cannon ball. 

I do believe these balls and millions of others were deliberately shot at Mars from space all at once to destroy their atmosphere, burn it away. What I mean is a large enough man made meteor shower could strip Mars of its atmosphere and thus, destroy all or most life on the planet surface. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. If we do have a rover on mars then it's safe to say that there has been some sort of destruction on the surface, Scott must spend hours and hours going through the footage to show us what he finds and alot of it looks legit and evidance that there is or was life on mars, yous have to give this guy credit for all his work he is doing on mars, i just hope that nasa has not made an arse out of us yet again and they do actually have a rover on mars which can clean it's solar panels all by itself either that or they are paying the Martians to clean them when they get dirty, it would bring a whole new meaning to the cleaning fluid"Flash" haha

  2. Two spheres are a fusillade from space, intended to destroy a Martian atmosphere and a civilization whose fragments are scattered around? All that from two photos?

    We put all sorts of instruments on the surface of Mars, to analyze what's really there. WHY generate this unnecessary nonsense?

  3. If you have good knowledge in Photoshop, you can create lot many like this. It is just a morphed picture.

  4. If there is just a one percent chance that life on Mars was obliterated this way, we must take it as a 100 percent certainty.

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  6. Heh! Not even one NASA scientist has experimentally confirmed that this oddly regular object is a 'blueberry'. Take an example: I give you a picture showing two balls in sand and the picture isn't HD. One ball is a lead ball and the other is a wrought iron ball both looking similar. You won't call the lead ball as iron. Why? That's because your cognition contains the information that lead looks similar to wrought iron and it could be any one of them. You'd ask me to perform a characteristic test on both balls to determine which one is what. Won't you? Then why in the world do you old dotards skeptically bias your clichéd brains in believing that those objects are definitely NASA's blueberries. I'm neutral to the war theorization but isn't it a fandango event if you're getting iron balls on Mars? What if that thing isn't as monotonous as those overhyped concrete conglomerations?
    So if you're presenting a scientific fact behave like a scientist who's open to experience and contradictions and doesn't conclude before evaluating critically and systematically. Note that the discovery of bronze changed the destiny of Harappa to as we know it today.

  7. War is a great's not like us humans have had any !! We are a peacefully race..what makes anyone think aliens might be different..just saying look at our past...self destruction is every species right of passage.!