Utah Artifacts Links Lady of Elche As An Anunnaki Queen, Video, UFO Sighting News.

One of the most enigmatic feminine faces of the history of humanity, is without a doubt the one of the Lady of Elche, that dates of the Iberian culture. And although his clothing reflects his high lineage, his identity is unknown. But the enigmas are gradually being cleared and the new hypotheses of the origin of this figure are at least surprising. Does the Lady of Ancient Sumeria come? Or, maybe it was an Anunnaki queen?

A medal found in Utah (in 1966 USA), which has a lady engraved identical to that of Elche, (since the Lady of Elche has the same ritual ear-rings and necklaces), would reveal the connection of both relics, despite the vast distances between Elche and Utah.

Also the earmuffs were representative of Atlantis. In Bolivia (Peru) and in the Andes they have always been a trail of Atlantis, which had a capital on Lake Titicaca, a lake that is in the mountains and with Anunnaki remains. There are legends in the area of ​​Venus men who visited the earth and had that type of earmuffs.

Very interesting link from the medal to the statue...sounds like the mystery only deepens. 

Scott C. Waring


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  2. SCOTT you need to check out BRIGHT INSIGHT video on his theory of the location of the lost city of atlantis its quite compelling

  3. Just watched an Ancient Alien episode of Lost city of Atlantis.


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