UFOs Perform Ancient Ritual Dance In Sky Over Abisko, Sweden When Landing, April 2019, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 2019
Location of sighting: Abisko, Sweden
Source: https://www.vol.no/nyheter/andoy/2019/04/06/Nei-vi-blir-ikke-invadert-fra-rommet.-Det-var-bare-rakettoppskyting-fra-Andøya-Space-Center.-18805767.ece

An person walked out onto their patio and expected to see the aurora borealis, but instead caught sight of a UFO fleet coming in for a landing as they entered an underground base. 

First the eyewitness sees four giant glowing green orbs. These then create four mini green glowing UFOs below them. The it continues until only a wavy orange line can be seen heading to the ground. 

This is not a typical alien visit to an underground base that we are seeing here. What you see is an important delegation party of representatives of high status in their culture...very possibly of royal blood. This is a traditional landing meant to say very important people are on their way to your base. The message is not meant for us, but for those aliens already in the underground base. 

This is extraordinary, but my first UFO sighting I ever witnessed were similar balls of light in the skies over Rapids City, South Dakota back in 1989. But this new sighting is clearly more significant due to the ritual dance that the UFOs use as they deliver  the important people to the base below. We should be honored to see such a thing in our lifetime. 

Now the important question thats on everyones minds...why would an alien of such importance and power come to Earth? I would guess that they have some serious matters to attend to regarding our planet or humanities future. 
Scott C. Waring