Two UFOs Found On Google Earth Map, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 2020
Location of discovery: Peru
Google coordinates: 13°55'26.58"S 76°15'40.95"W

This discovery was made in February but never reported by anyone but Sandra. Since then Google has deleted it. I checked the location and it no longer exists. The UFOs...are gone. Sounds like Google is part of the agenda to hide the existence of aliens. SCW

Here is a awesome discovery found by Sandra Elena Andrade of Youtube. She discovered two UFOs moving low over Peru. Each UFO is 8-9 meters long, thats almost 30 feet across! And both are flying only low about 10-20 meters from the ground. The UFOs are flying low because they came from an underground base just moments before the satellite took this Google map photo. The base they came from will be about 5-6 km below the surface area. There are many reports of Nazca lines, drawings in the desert of Peru said to be made by ancient tribes to honor the gods...this may not be true. The Nazca lines may have been made by the aliens themselves to remember locations, or to honor someone or something important in their society. 
Scott C. Waring