Phone App Revealed Aliens Exist On Saturn Moon Iapetus, 100% Proof! Video, UFO Sighing News.

Date of discovery: July 24, 2020
Location of discovery: Saturn Moon Iapetus
Source: iPhone app Saturn Atlas.

I was using an app on my iPhone called Saturn Atlas when I noticed a huge black structure on the moon Iapetus. The structure is massive...about 5km across, 4km wide and 1.5km tall. The area it totally blurred out by NASA to hide it, but it still stands out very well. I have searched many other photos of this moon, none of them still have this structure. This app uses an old NASA index which no longer has those photos there, but lucky for us, the app has not updated or changed them. 100% proof that aliens exist and thrive on a moon of Saturn. Watch my video to learn more and see more discoveries near it. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan