Ancient Spaceship Found On Mercury In Crater Center, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Aug 15 2020
Location of discovery: Planet Mercury
Source coordinates: https://messenger.quickmap.io/?extent=-177.2852434,-36.6591395,-176.3365755,-36.1390159&proj=5&layers=NrCMBYCYBoAZtA6JIE5YGYn0QOwK4A2h0A3gL4C6lZVy4GWOSIGoArONkgcbdf0pA

I have found a structure within a crater on planet Mercury today. The structure has three long segments to it. Each part is along side the next. NASA map says this is 2.5km across by 2.5km high. Thats a huge structure. The way its laying down and the way the three segments are side by side make me think this is a ship and can move from place to place. It may have been docked in this location in the crater to make it easier to find and accessible. But...I wonder...where did the captain and crew go? Their must be an underground base near this location or why park the ship there?
One answer...brings many more questions. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan