Declassified Russian Hydrogen Bomb Video Has UFO And Alien Figure, Oct 30, 1961, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 30, 1961, but released today.
Location of sighting: Russia

I was watching the recently declassified Russian video of the testing of the Ivan RDS-220 hydrogen bomb when I noticed two mysterious moments in it. 

First, I noticed that at 27:36 into the video...we see two pilots in the cockpit of a bomber and on the dashboard in the center of the window...is an alien grey bust. Perhaps this is some aircraft instrument that accidentally used a head, neck and shoulder of an alien grey...but who knows? 

Second at 40:20 on the far right, I noticed that the cameraman on the plane was watching the cloud forming after the explosion, then...he wandered off pointing the camera off the the right...at a mysterious anomaly. This object looks a lot like a large UFO disk seen from the side and tilted. Obviously the cameraman suspected it may be something too.

Its a well known fact that aliens have taken a huge interest in American military which has been recored on documents over many decades of mysterious sightings over bases and even sightings of alien greys walking around the fences of the bases and UFOs deactivating US nuclear missiles. So it only goes to say that is logical that aliens would be equally interested in Russian military and weapons since US and Russia are equally powerful. You can also bet they have similar interests and activities with the Chinese military. 

So the real question is...when are aliens going to stop playing these games with humanity and reveal themselves? That is what the world really wants to know. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

 Above is original screenshot and below is focused with added contrast.