Underground Base Found At Area 51, Possible Tall White Aliens Hive, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Aug 29, 2020
Location of discovery: Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada, USA
Coordinates: 37°10'22.29"N 116°11'34.37"W

I was using Google earth map at Area 51, when I came across an underground base. This base has three entrances, one large 18 meters by 9 meters. And Two other smaller ones. There are air ventilation pipes coming out of the largest one and two pipes coming out of the top of the hill.

All this was just a few kilometers from where I had discovered a 30 meter UFO parked on a runway and having a hanger built around it.

I really am thinking about those tall white aliens that Charles Hall said he worked with behind Nellis AFB. Because this is behind Nellis...same military land, and it is behind a firing rage of sorts...where hundreds of bombs were tested underground leaving only crater reminders. This could be...the tall whites military entrance to their base.
Scott C. Waring