Crystal Emerald City Found On Moon Of Saturn, Sept 24, 2020, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 24, 2020
Location of discovery: Moon Enceladus, Saturn moon

It looks like the emerald city is real. NASA posted a photo of the moon Enceladus on Wiki and its really big. Most of the detail has been blurred out, but about 15% of the moon is still mostly in high detail. In this 15% I found some giant green emerald buildings. The structures have lots of right angles and some are attached to one another. The structure reminds me of the emerald city from the Wizard of Oz. It really does look like giant green crystals. Absolutely mind blowing and 100% proof that Enceladus is already owned and occupied by an intelligent species. This totally explains why NASA blurred out most of the moon...they did it to hide the green crystal structures. Oh...the screenshots color are untouched. 
Scott C. Waring