Giant Hole Opens Up In Siberia, UFO Tunnel To Underground Alien Base! Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: September 2020
Location of discovery: Siberia

Another massive hole appeared in the Siberian tundra this week. No explosion heard, seen or recorded. The hole just suddenly appeared there over night. Scientists all argue about the exact cause of the holes and how they were made. One theory says its caused by a gas build up under the surface. But that would not make an even hole every time. 

These holes are caused by the alien technology opening and closing the dirt, but when some small air pockets exist in the dirt, and the UFO travels through, the the opening is closed...but the air pockets cause the dirt to fall. Its created using the same technology that opens and closes the entire city area. Very easy, very fast. These holes are just the beginning of the tunnels. They lead 4-6km below the surface to alien bases below. These bases can have 5,000-15,000 aliens living in them. Its basically an underground city for them. Even has its own climate and weather. In the cities are not one species but 56 species or more (according to Rocca Pia, Italy Case) sharing the city...and some were born on Earth...so...what do we call those unique ones? They are not aliens if they were born here. You solve one mystery...another opens up. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan