White Orb Over Airport In Germany, Sept 20, 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: September 20, 2020
Location of sighting: Kelsterbach, Germany

One of the interesting things about UFOs is they have a high interest in airports. Perhaps its to examine the latest in flight technology or perhaps its to examine how humans feel about flying. But many huge UFOs have been seen over airports around the world over the last few decades and it doest seem to be ending anytime soon. This white glowing UFO is very similar to the UFOs seen over the holy temple of Dome Of Rock in Jerusalem and also seen over the Rocky mountains in Denver, Colorado. No winds, landing lights or sounds of a propeller or jet engine. So its not a plane or helicopter. Looks alien to me. 
Scott C. Waring 

Eyewitness states: 
Kelsterbach, near Frankfurt international airport...too slow for a plane...! no flashing light signals...strange movements at the end of video until the object disappears...