Glowing Object Over McHenry, Illinois On 3-31-2021, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: 3-31-2021
Location of sighting: McHenry, Illinois, USA
Source:  MUFON

Now here is a really interesting video report that just came in. A person was driving along in Illinois when they noticed a glowing yellow object moving around above them. When they pulled over to film it, it became more clear, but the city lights did cause some problems when he was recording. It looks like this UFO was actually following this person. The eyewitness was more relaxed and calm than many would normally be, so I think the alien craft picked up on that too. Alien contact was made in a field in McHenry, Illinois!
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: I was at the intersection of McCullom Lake Rd and Richmond Rd in McHenry when I saw the object above McCullom Lake moving at a speed a lower plane would probably move at. It consisted of a single fiery orange glow, mainly round in shape, but the bright area within the round shape was not consistent in its position or intensity. It flickered like a fireplace or lantern would. It was almost as if a plane had a very large lantern lit on or in it, but it looked nothing like a typical light you would see on a plane. There were no other lights around it. I have seen meteorites before and it did not look anything like a meteorite. The light continued in an east-southeast direction for about 30-45 more seconds before it became more distant and disappeared; then the sky was completely dark in the place it one was. I captured it on my car's dash cam and also on my phone camera. In the dash cam, it is the light that approaches the upper left of the frame. In the videos is difficult to see the color/consistency that I described above, but during the parts where my phone has trouble focusing, it does accurately show the orange color that I saw with my eyes.


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