Pentagon Confirms Footage Of UFOs Over Navy Ship, Possible US Cover-Up, Raw Footage, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: 2019
Location of sighting: California Coast, USA
News source: US Pentagon

A Pentagon spokesperson confirmed that the photos and videos were taken by Navy personnel and the UAP Task Force has “included these incidents in their ongoing examinations.”

Now its clear when I look at this video that there are several triangle shaped alien craft flying above them. This screenshot I took confirms that UFOs are not always perfectly shaped objects, but instead are often uneven as if they were biologically grown. Imagine a living ship, grown and self sustaining yet in your control. The person recording them is using a type 1 or type 2 generation night vision scope. Also if you noticed when the sailer zoomed it...lots of white objects were recoded flying around. Those are tiny drones that come out of the UFO and surround all areas of the ship making the main UFO aware if any weapons or hostile actions are taking place on the Navy ship below. Before the UFO leaves, those tiny probes will return themselves. Now the Pentagon themselves confirmed these are 100% real UFOs. But...also know, the US military has had triangle craft that are different evolutions of the original TR3B, but now much more advance. These craft could be US Navy. Many top secret craft are given to the US Navy and if the video of a Navy TR3B was leaked by someone...then Navy would confuse the public by spreading disinformation about it saying its just a UFO. Thus, the public too will believe it. But very well could be a US military fleet of TR3B craft. Guys, I smell cover-up. This is 100% US Navy TR3B we have in this video!
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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