NASA Released Photos of 10 km Mothership On Moon in Waterman Crater, Released By Accident, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: 2014, but want to post again for new viewers. 
Location of discovery: Earths moon, Waterman crater
Source photo: https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS15-P-9589

Now I get alot of people asking me about the cover photo at the top of my website. They seem to believe it's fake, but it's an actual screenshot from a NASA photo I found many years ago. So I want to show you again for those new viewers to my site. 

When looking over the Apollo 15 panoramic images, I came across a photo that has a mothership in it. Its not a cloud. Clouds do not exist on the moon. So I enlarged the photo and saw that not only was it a ship, it looked a lot like the Star Ship Voyager from Star Trek.

Now this Ship sits inside the edge of Waterman Crater, very close to Tsiolkovskiy crater. Tsiolkovskiy crater is 185 km across long ways and about 160 across the short ways. Waterman is unknown. 15 of these ships would fit across the Tsiolkovskiy crater the short ways, therefore the mothership is just under 10.6 km in length.

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