The Megalithic Unfinished Obelisk St Aswan In Egypt, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: January 8, 2022
Location of Obelisk: St Aswan, Egypt

This video was taken by the famous Brian Foerster in Egypt. He is a tour guide and history expert who is looking at the unfinished Megalithic obelisk that is still laying in the ground. Although carving this huge megalith would be possible for humans if years of work were put into it...it would however be impossible to move such a massive stone structure hundreds of miles to Cairo which is 650km (404 miles) away. The structure is 137 feet (42 meters) long if completed and would weigh and estimated 1,200 tones. Thats like carrying a cargo ship loaded with containers on it...and carrying it not sailing it...across the mountains, desert, rocks and scorching earth to Cairo 650km away...we cannot even do that today! Its insane! 

The only way such a megalithic structure could be moved is by using alien anti gravity technology. Even today, with all our modern equipment, technology and methods of transportation...we could never create and move this structure in one piece. This is 100% proof that aliens were here a long time ago, creating ancient Egypt. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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