Just a few words about me, efforts, and non import kind of stuff. SCW

Guys, I ask for donations on the far left of my site, but to be honest, I have only 2-3 people a month donating. It does help, trust me, but I really am being held back by lack of funds. I'm a USAF vet living and working in Taiwan. Its hard to afford the software, computer ware, social media help that I need. I just cannot do it alone. I've been doing it alone for 20 years. So anything you can do, like sharing a post, sharing a video or dropping a positive comment really helps me out. Its not all about money, but sadly, because I lack the funds, I cannot do many of the things I would like to do. 

I mean I can prove that the Apollo moon landings were either fake or not, but thats an astronomical figure of like $100,000-300,000 due to the ten plus separate agencies involved pricing in the analysis, but who cares right? I can't do a go fund, they don't allow Taiwan and they may back out like the ten million raised for the Truckers in Canada and the funding was frozen. So...just saying, if you can, please help in your own way, doesn't have to be money my friends. We are all in this together. Thats Why I turn down interviews with CNN, BBC and even Joe Rogan, its not about me, its about the subject of the existence of intelligent aliens. Anyways, I've never been interviewed before by anyone ever, because as I said, its not about me. For Joe Rogan, its all about Joe, and the subject falls behind. 

Thanks all, 

Scott C. Waring - Teacher in Taiwan 


  1. Sir,
    Thank you for ALL you do!!! Many many of us Really Appreciate the HARD WORK and DEDICATION it takes!!!! You are Amazing!!!

  2. Scott, you are a great fellow. Thank you for this. You are doing a very necessary thing. Do not give up. I support you in this way - I post a lot of your videos in my Russian social ufology group (ok.ru which has more than 60,000 members) with links to your channel and the translation of your comments.

  3. Danke für ihre Bemühungen,Beiträge und Videos um Menschen die Augen zu öffnen.
    Ich teile ihre Beiträge.

  4. Scott, I forgot to add... about financial matters. Unfortunately, all of us who are engaged in ufology have to work for free for our money. No one pays me anything for my work in the ufology group either. It is a pity that people do not appreciate our work and time. Good luck and health. Don't leave this important job.

  5. sorry for my google english ))))


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