UFOs Seen Watching Over City In Odessa, Ukraine, Video, Feb 2022, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sightings: Feb 2022
Location of sightings: Odessa, Ukraine

This is a video by Terrys Theories channel on Youtube. Hes a friend who does some deep investigations into sightings and here he does it again. He got a mail in report about two glowing pink lights in the sky on his way home from work. the lights seem to be huge, about the size of a minivan and the objects shape is very similar to many others seen in past UFO reports. Are aliens looking over Ukraine...trying to prevent, help or just watch and record the future events with Russia? The pressure on Ukraine is huge right now...possible war with Russia may be taking place already as you read this. Aliens often are seen during such events, like the Foo Fighter glowing whit spheres during WWII. Mind boggling stuff. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


  1. Scott is my friend. Do not get into politics without understanding and without knowing the real state of affairs! What you say about Ukraine and Russia is not true. It's just the media. Don't talk about politics! We are here because of ufology, nothing more! sorry for google english.

  2. and more ... screenshots and the second video, filmed, I think, in the fall. When none of the media has yet talked about the war.

  3. Scott an interesting observation about the UFos spotted in the Ukraine ! I hope and pray they can work some magic to prevent war !

  4. I guess you were wrong Andre. And we will probably see more ufos in Ukraine as time moves forward and Putin is trying to use nukes.


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