5 Mile UFO Found At Bottom Of Ocean, Google Earth Map, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: March 2022
Location of discovery: Ocean, Near Nazca, Peru
Map location: https://earth.google.com/web/@-14.22603786,-81.70339375,20.17905308a,47968.73641003d,35y,25.00972204h,0t,0r

Now there is a 7km UFO sitting at the bottom of the ocean. It next to a very mysterious location...Nazca, Peru famous for the giant drawings in the dirt that are hundreds of meters long. Those Nazca lines are said to be drawings to welcome the god. Back then such alien technology flying though the sky could easily be mistaken for gods. Its obvious that the two are connected. As I remember, this circular shape is also the right size and shape to be the lost city of Atlantis, which I have long believed to be and alien ship that was floating on the ocean, then later submerged. 

If you look carefully at the 5 mile UFO, you will see a dome structure at its center that is higher than the rest of the disk. Thats the classic disk design we have all heard about. 

This disk at the bottom of the ocean is 100% proof of ancient aliens and the technology is just sitting there on the bottom of the ocean. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


  1. Scott what do you think the other smaller round object is at the end of a long trail near the round object you pointed out is? And then there is another one straight across to the right from the one you have pointed out.

  2. Why do they call it a UFO if it is in the bottom of the ocean? USO Unidentified Submerged Objects suits better.

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  4. Or could it be an underwater structure? An underwater port for UFO's to come and go?

  5. There are any number of similar objects on the sea floor. Look like volcano cones with the top gone. Ever see the old man of the mountain in New Hampshire. Well it is eroded away now but it was amazing

  6. I checked with google earth to see if this structure was along the line between giza, nascua, and rapa nui. nope.

  7. "100% proof"...

    The only thing this is proof of is that you are an idiot with too much free time.

    1. Do you even know where you are? You don't walk into an asylum and scream about how crazy everyone is, do you?

  8. I saw a picture of a woman's face in my burnt toast. You can't tell me differently.

  9. Here's one above the water line. -27.096478, -109.251253

  10. Didn't you just last week or so say it may be the lost continent of Atlantis, even though it's in the wrong ocean?

  11. It's one thing to believe there is life out there; But when looking into some "proofs" presented to the believers (like that FAKE pic/discovery above) one must wonder - How stupid can people actually be to believe in such nonsense?


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