Ancient Alien Face Found In Mars Crater, Google Map, UFO Sighting News


Location of discovery: Mars 
Coordinates: 44°22'16.95"S 100° 3'31.39"W 

I was checking out Google Mars...a free program to download and use, when I found this face. I have never reported on it before and it looks really big. Its hidden inside a crater and has a lot of similarities to the ancient China statues from thousands of years ago. If you know the name of the crater this is in, please tell us in comments. Google Mars ruler which is not extremely reliable, says that the diameter of the crater is 18.9km or 11.7 miles. The face itself is 8.9 miles (13km) by 5.9 miles (9.5 miles). That is one monumental undertaking to make, even making Mount Rushmore look like child's play. This face is highly detailed. No doubt is the face of a very notable historical figure in this species culture.
Scott C. Waring 

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