What If We’re Living in a Computer Simulation? Google Earth, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 6, 2022
Location of discovery: California, USA
Google coordinates: 37.2533919,-119.1773313

What if you realized that your reality is nothing more than a complex computer simulation? How would you know? And how could you escape from this matrix? Well, first you have to look for the glitches in the program. If this is all a simulation, then the glitches will reveal information to us little by little. Until we know who designed the simulation we live in. 

Hey, look what I found on Google Earth today. Its like a glitch but not. Google software is too expensive and not prone to create flaws, but this...may be something far bigger. What if this is proof that we are living in a computer simulation? The only way to prove we live in a simulation would be...to find the glitches. This may be that proof. 

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  1. The only way to prove we live in a simulation is to either create or find an error. You refer to them as "Glitches", in computer science these could be mesh or runtime errors. So how would one go about provoking such error, that's the question. If we do live in a simulation, then one must assume that the creator(s) were smart enough to invoke a series of fallbacks and safety measures to ensure that if such an error occured that it wouldn't be detectable.

    However I'm fairly certain that we do not live in a simulation, but we may be living in hell or on a prison colony. Those two possibilities seem more likely to me. But I'm willing to explore the simulation angle, even if it's unlikely.


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