UFOs Make Clouds! Chile Navy Records UFO On Nov 11, 2014. Two Videos! UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Nov 11, 2014 
Location of sighting: Chile
Camera sensor WESCAM MX-15 Infra Red 
Helicopter Airbus Cougar AS-532 
Video Black White thermal mode, Color digital video 

Hey all, how's it going? Covid is getting a little nuts here in Taiwan, in two weeks it went from 50 local cases a day to 15,000 per day. Its Omicron stealth so its less dangerous, but still irritating. Its the first time covid ever got out of control here. 

So anyways, I have been receiving messages on Twitter, IG, FB and more about UFOs. People keep telling me that UFOs don't make clouds. I'm not sure why they limit the abilities of alien tech when its so advanced it can nearly do anything? So I made these two videos. The first video is a minute and a half, showing only the UFO in Chile making a cloud to distract the Navy helicopter...an attempt to see if the aliens are underestimating the humans abilities to track them or not. The aliens quickly found out...they were visible to the helicopters. This seemed to intrigue the aliens, so the stuck around for a little over ten minutes. The second video shows the full Chile Navy released raw footage of the UFO. You can see the UFO make the trail in both infrared and in normal color, however the UFO is almost invisible except a white spot reflecting the clouds color below it. So, not only does this footage confirm UFOs can make clouds, but it also confirms infrared video can cut through the alien crafts cloaking devices allowing us to see them. It also confirms that aliens enjoy testing us...with or without us knowing it. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


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  1. It was my understanding that the craft was totally invisible except for on IR, but either way, this is essily the best evidence of aliens EVER. Have you seen the geoglyph that's not far from where this happened? It was featured on Ancient Aliens, and it corroborates this sighting! The people who saw this same type of craft in antiquity were lucky in that they saw it uncloaked, but the chemtrail it emitted was also visible!!!! Anyone in Chile who's reading this, make damn sure you have a camera with you AT ALL TIMES!!!!


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