NASA Lies Again Announcing Formation of Committee To Investigate UFOs! UFO Sighting News.

 NASA was created on July 29, 1958 in order to hide the existence of aliens from the public. Yeah its different than you thought, but its 100% true. 

This week NASA announced that its assembling a team to research the possibility of UFOs existing. Thats like asking a lion to kindly watch over and protect your baby lamb for a few days while you are away. The truth is NASA will create the UFO committee the same way and purpose that NASA itself was created for...to hide the truth about the existence of aliens from the public, but all the while drop feeding worthless scientific facts to the public which is meant to appease the curiosity of the public. 

I can give you a list of ten astronauts who each say they saw a UFO and give you word for word what they say about it. So if you want to go and believe a fake committee that is being created to discredit and disinform the public about the truth, go right ahead. However for over 64 years NASA has lived up to its public nickname, Never A Straight Answer. 

There is one and only one way for the truth to come out. For the public to hunt it down, grab it, and drag it out into the public square for all to see (Social Media). Only the public can reveal the truth, only the public has the trust of other people. The other countries around the world lost trust in America after the fake moon landings to make the USA appear as a world power...which by the way, are listed as fakes in lots of student history books worldwide. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


  1. To Scott,
    This is quite interesting.  I have a few questions about this.  I've often wondered this myself.  I understand that the Space Race put political pressure on the US military to save from being shown up by another country. But I've never really understood if there is solid proof that our space program wasn't up to par in 1969 or what?

    Some of the reason is that things behave a little counter-intuitively when there's basically no air, but there is some gravity. The irony is that the "evidence" of faking that is based on these counter-intuitive effects is really strong evidence that it wasn't faked, since the way a lot of the things behave can only be reproduced in an airless environment with less gravity.

    Another reason is that it's pretty mind-boggling that people who were alive when we were still driving horses and buggies around got to see us go to the moon.
    A page on Wikipedia details the reasons why the US could have wanted to fake the moon landings... It also outlines reasons why some people believe the moon landing to be fake...

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_landing conspiracytheories

    -Just a 26 year old female curious of why this world and the people in it are so confused and scared of the actual truth.

  2. Fake moon landing??? Haha looney tunes.


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