Mysterious Orb Fleet Over Brooklyn, New York July 6, 2022, -video- UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: July 6, 2022
Location of sighting: Brooklyn, New York USA
Source: MUFON

This report just in today at MUFON. The video shows a fleet of glowing white craft in the sky over Brooklyn. From my personal close up experience in the past I can tell you these objects are not really white, but appear white when far away, but when close up will look pearlescent mother of pearl surface that is liquid-like and slowly rotates around the craft as its colors and patterns on its surface change. One person asked me in the chat below the video on my channel..."Why do you think they are allowing themselves to be seen so much lately?" Well, I responded, "Either they figure we are ready, or the end of life as we know it is on the horizon."
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: 
Eyewitness states: For clarity I'm going to label these lights A, B, C, and D. My apologies in advance that I am directionally challenged, so I'm using right/left/vertical/horizontal/diagonal instead of the cardinal points, so I don't get myself mixed up. I didn't know what to put for the elevation degree, either. However, I know that we were facing SE to where our street crosses with Myrtle avenue, if that helps to make sense of the flight directions. I am out watching the sunset on my balcony almost every night, so I know the skyline well. There are often planes taking off from JFK, and there is are several low towers with red and white glowing lights. Occasionally there are helicopters. I don't know what this was, but it was not like anything my partner or I have seen before. He called me outside and I saw that one of the lights in the sky (Light A), which I had originally thought was a white light from a tower, was moving slowly, in a horizontal direction, from left to right towards another, brighter, stationary white light Light B). It then started to ascend towards another brighter, higher stationary light (light C). Its flight path formed a diagonal line between Light B and C. Light A came close to the higher light, C, and then changed direction a third time to ascend diagonally to the right. As Light A started to diagonally ascend, Light C, and another bright light (Light D), previously stationary to its left, started to move horizontally towards each other. Light C passed Light D and then continued moving quickly on, in the same direction. Meanwhile, Light A is continuing to ascend diagonally. At this point I was concerned I wouldn't be able to capture all of the lights onscreen, so I flipped my phone camera vertically. Light C seemed to have grown dimmer and was flickering. After a few moments continuing past Light D to the left, Light C stopped and reversed its direction, heading back towards Light D again. Only light B and D remained stationary at that time, and Light B was the only light that appeared not to move at all. At this point, about two minutes into filming, I stopped because my boyfriend (completely uninterested and unfazed by this phenomenon) made me feel like I was being a nut. However, there continued to be movement for another few minutes at least, and some movement had happened shortly before I remembered to start filming. I grew up on a farm looking at the constellations, satellites, etc. and love to watch the sky in Brooklyn as well. I've never seen any objects move in a coordinated way like this, especially changing directions multiple times. I would love if someone had an explanation for this. I'm including the video I shot on my phone (iphone 11).

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