Orbs Over Farm In West College Corner, Indiana Nov 9, 2022 UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: Nov 9, 2022
Location of sighting: West College Corner, Indiana, USA

UFOs are often seen around farms, mostly because they are doing experiments on the animals, crops for scientific analysis and to predict its effects on the future of humanity. This actually doesn't look like several craft, but a single large disk craft with lit up windows seen as it rotates. Farm animals are often found with laser cut segments taken out of the animals, which were drained of all blood without any mess or tracks going to it. Aliens love science. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: I was leaving my farm going to where I live about 2 miles away headed south about 9-10 pm on November 9th 2022 in the South Southwestern sky about approximately 40° and 500+ or - feet in altitude. I viewed what appeared to be a yellow/redish round light about the size of a softball with blue to red to white blinking light underneath. It appeared to vanish after 4-5 seconds then reappear after about 5 seconds this happened 5 times the 2nd time there were 2 next to each other, the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th time there was only one. I saw the first while driving then pulled over to video with my phone saw 2 next to each other as I was getting ready to video, was able to video the 3rd and 4th, after about 10-15 seconds after the 4th, I got back in my vehicle to leave and saw the 5th while driving home. I didn't hear anything because of my truck running. My wife was in her vehicle about a quarter of a mile ahead of me and didn't stop. When I got home, about 5 minutes later I asked my wife if she saw anything? She said yes, what was it? I asked her what did it look like? She said a yellowish/red light that appeared and disappeared. She saw it twice, once while on the road that I was on and again while looking out our front door of our house. We viewed the videos I took and she said that's what I saw! I see things in the sky frequently being on the farm way in the country, this is the latest that I've got on camera, but not the strangest. I am willing to talk about them.

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