Giant Balls Found In Russia Forest, Destroyed By Men In Military Uniforms, Jan 2023, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: Sept 2022, but gone today.
Location of discovery: Sochi Forest, Russia

Two massive balls were found in a forest in Russia 3 months ago. Even Russian news has reported these strange objects with thoughts that they could have originated from space and possibly be alien in origin. However recently this week, two men in military uniforms, claiming to work for the local forest service, used sledge hammers to destroy the two balls. One broken ball reveals a metal framework within ball. Was it technology from another world, a crashed alien UFO or probe? We will never know. All remains of it are gone, and no other evidence of it ever being there is gone. But if it wasn't a real UFO, then why the rush to destroy something using military? The screams coverup, by the Russian government. Which is 100% proof in itself that these two balls, were real UFOs. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

News states: 
The close attention not only of Russians, but of the entire progressive world in October was riveted to two huge, mysterious balls that mushroom pickers and just hikers discovered in the forests of the Adler district of the resort capital. Returning to the Sochi spheres, let's say that they suffered an unenviable fate - they were destroyed by employees of the Kudepsta district forestry with such a strange wording: "In order to avoid violations of environmental legislation." Residents of the resort capital reacted differently to this decision, many of them were against such a decision. What was inside the mysterious balls? It seems that the answer to this question will forever remain a mystery. 

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