Headless Corpse On Mars, NASA link: Will AI Be Allowed To Talk About These Discoveries? UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: Feb 18, 2023
Location of discovery: Planet Mars
Source Photo: 

I was going through some NASA photos and found this one that really caught my attention and normally I wouldn't even report it as I only report about 5% of what I find. 

I found a corpse in the photo. The body has a stomach and legs that are under the boulder. The body is about 2 meters from head to feet. The chest is cut open reveling the spine of the creature as well as the he'd cut off reveal the hole from the spine and a thick neck. The thing that just grabbed me was the arm...not joking, its what I saw first. The upper arm is very muscular and curved and its bent at the elbow, and its huge hands resting on its chest as if it were clawing at the boulder to get it off as it died. The other arm is bent back behind its back so only its shoulder is visible. I also found a face carved in a huge stone, the face has to be similar to that of the creature that died headless, but the face carved shows us what the face looked like. It almost looked human, but with two eyes, a mouth and a nose, but the resemblance stops there. The face has a pig like snout but its long hanging down in front of its mouth. I also found a cross in a round stone which measures about 1.5 meters across. Many exciting things in this NASA photo, all of which you will never hear NASA talk about. However the day will come with AI is widely used and AI will speak the truth, even if its a hacked version that is allowed to do so. AI the gov controlled version will not be allowed to fully speak the truth due to matters of national security, matters of cultural offending, mattes of religious or political offending and so on. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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